in recognition of national mental health month this may, philosophy’s hope & grace initiative, supporting women’s mental health, unveils its first national campaign “how are you, really?” to help create a conversation between those living with mental health issues and those who want to support them.

Join the movement to end stigma for those living with mental health issues. ask someone “how are you, really” and turn this greeting into a whole new conversation. #howareyoureally


The Project

Philosophy came to Badger & Winters to create a national advertising campaign for the brands's charity initiative, Hope & Grace, which champions mental health awareness. The challenge was to create a piece that stayed true to the seriousness of the matter, while leaving the viewer with a hopeful and positive message. The final campaign aims to end the stigma surrounding mental health issues and hones in on the question, 'How Are You?', taking what is often a question thrown out without much interest, and returns it to a a question of genuine concern - 'How Are You, Really?'.  

Selected Press: AdAge , NYLON Magazine , Refinery29 

My role: Art Direction (Copywriter: Regina Strong)


The Work



Spring 2017